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Convince your recipients - whether human or algorithm - with our help. As soon as all relevant ESG data has been collected, it must be prepared in an appealing, understandable and comprehensive form. We therefore offer ESG reporting that meets the highest standards in terms of content and structure.


Facts and figures alone are often not enough for successful communication. Whether investors, customers or business partners: We create concise and convincing ESG presentations for your company for use in a variety of occasions: from IPO meetings to annual general meetings to ESG roadshows.


The first point of contact for your stakeholders looking for ESG information should be spot-on: To ensure this, we support you with concrete structure and design advice for your ESG subpage(s) in line with the overall CI and design of your website. To safeguard that also your non-human visitors find the right information, we pay attention to machine readability for the automated tools of the digital world.

Use Case ESG Reporting

A company from the manufacturing sector would like to establish ESG reporting from scratch for the first time – after completing all the necessary steps to systematically collect ESG data.

As ESG pressure from investors on the company is already considerable before engaging the consultants, they choose a step-by-step approach for the reporting materials. Reporting is built up gradually in parallel with ESG data collection steps. For example, initial reporting formats such as an ESG short presentation and an ESG factsheet are already developed together with the company in the months before the ESG report is published. Thereby, investor inquiries are answered satisfactorily in the short term.

An integrated reporting format in the annual report is chosen for the ESG report itself. Firstly, this saves work for those involved in the short time available, particularly in terms of design. And secondly, the EU plans to allow only the integrated reporting format for EU-based companies from 2024 on out – this means that it will not be necessary to change the reporting format at a later date.

In parallel with the final phase of report preparation, work is also already taking place on the ESG subpage. This section of the company’s website will go live shortly after report publication. In addition to an intuitive embedding of the ESG section of the annual report, the subpage also presents the company’s most important ESG facts. Interested parties are thus given a very positive first impression of the client’s ESG performance. They can further explore it in the integrated report if they wish to do so.

Your needs Front and Center

Do you already have a full ESG reporting that you just want to optimize? Or do you need support with other forms of ESG reporting such as ESG factsheets or responses to ESG investor inquiries? Then feel free to contact us and find out how we can best tailor our ESG reporting services to your needs.

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