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We improve the sustainability performance of your company with expert ESG consulting services, helping you convince the capital markets of your ESG progress.

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We are an ESG consultancy for stock-listed companies – and for those that want to get listed. With our expertise in operational and strategic ESG consulting, we go the extra mile with you into tomorrow’s sustainable business world.

Our motto: We make your ESG performance successfully measurable – and are more than willing to be measured by your success.

Tomorrow Comes Today.

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ESG in Focus

The jungle of different ESG requirements is becoming more and more impenetrable – all the more important is a partner with a clear vision.

Together with you, we focus on what is really important for you: convincing the capital markets of your sustainability strategy and performance. The goal: let ESG positively influence your company valuation.

From ESG Story to succesful implementation: we work with you to develop a well-founded ESG strategy tailored to the expectations of your stakeholders.

What ESG requirements are relevant for you? We help you better understand your ESG ratings – and show where actual potential for improvement exists for your company.

Reliable data is pivotal to your ESG efforts. That’s why we use our expertise to help you identify, gather and professionally process all important ESG information.

Only with the right communication you can effectively improve your ESG performance. Therefore, we work with you to craft suitable formats for various purposes: ESG reports, presentations and websites.

ESG consulting tailored for your company

We offer the right ESG services for every situation – whether you are still at the very beginning or already a professional in the ESG world.
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ESG - Environmental | Social | Governance

What is ESG?

Definition und Erklärung für ESG von Via Tomorrow

Key factors for a good governance score include a comprehensive code of conduct, a transparent remuneration system and strong reporting in line with international ESG standards.

In order to perform well in the social area, it is important to demonstrate high product quality standards and strong employee loyalty. Depending on the business model, clear supply chain regulations may also play an important role.

Environmental criteria are highly dependent on the industry. They can range from the company's own electricity consumption and its CO2 footprint in the value chain to specific environmental certifications.

E - S - G:
A Mega Trend with Three Dimensions

When it comes to investment decisions, non-financial criteria are playing an increasingly important role. These criteria are summarized under the acronym “ESG”.

Many governance criteria for listed companies are already established. In the social and especially in the environmental area, however, demands from legislators and investors are steadily increasing.

What the Legislators Want

To demand more and more ESG transparency from companies!

Reporting Obligations: From 2024 on out, all EU-based companies with more than 250 employees will be required to report on ESG. The requirements to do so will be stricter than they are now, too.

EU Taxonomy: Already in 2022, listed companies with more than 500 employees have to implement the first requirements of the so-called EU taxonomy and classify their sales and investments as either environmentally sustainable or non-sustainable.

Further ESG regulations on the horizon: Plans include, for example, an EU-wide “Social Taxonomy” and a comprehensive international ESG reporting framework under the auspices of IFRS.

What the Investors Want

To ensure their own ESG compliance – and secure long-term returns with (new) ESG products!

Compliance: In the EU, investors are to comply with detailed regulations for ESG financial instruments in the future (including for the so-called Art. 8 and 9 products of the EU Disclosure Regulation). Companies that are aware of these regulations can refinance themselves more easily via instruments such as green loans or sustainability-linked bonds.

Sustainable returns: Investors need appropriate information to realistically assess the ESG risk and opportunity profile of a company. Particularly important for companies: plausible and clear ESG targets – and the demonstration of continuous progress towards their fulfilment.

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