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Rating analysis

Improve your ESG ratings: Our ESG Analytics service helps you see existing ESG measures correctly reflected in renowned ESG ratings. In addition, we perform a profound analysis of your ESG ratings to define concrete recommendations for your company. Implementing them can support you achieve better ESG ratings in the future.

Framework Requirements

Which ESG standards are relevant for you - and which are not? We guide you through the maze of ESG standards from GRI to SASB and TCFD and help you decide what is really important for your stakeholders and your needs. And, of course, we also support you in effectively implementing the selected standards in your ESG reporting.

Peergroup Benchmark

In which areas is your competition still one step ahead of you? Through a detailed ESG peer group analysis we help you identify existing gaps in your ESG reporting. In addition, we provide you with concrete suggestions from our previous ESG project experience on which topics you should focus first in order to achieve improvements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use Case ESG Analytics

A client from the real estate sector wants to set up ESG reporting in line with market standards for the first time and needs initial analysis services to know how to get off to the best possible start. Afterwards, the company would like to build on the initial reporting and quickly achieve improvements in future ESG ratings.

The first step involves the definition of a suitable ESG peer group that has already published meaningful ESG reporting. The selected peers are analyzed using an established ESG criteria catalog and must-have and nice-to-have indicators are defined for the company. The consultants also support the company in the initial ESG data collection process to ensure effective data collection of the defined indicators. To ensure that rating agencies and other recipients find the appropriate ESG information in the best possible way, the consultants prepare the data in the company’s reporting in accordance with current reporting standards and frameworks.

After publication of the first reporting, the company receives initial ESG ratings from several rating agencies within a short period of time due to its solid market capitalization. Following a review loop by the consultants, initial rating improvements can be achieved through consultation with the rating agencies.

For further rating improvement, the ESG rating reports of the agencies are evaluated in detail by the consultants and sorted according to feasibility and rating impact. The presented results are a practical decision-making basis for the next steps of the company. The consultants also support the company in the effective implementation of the recommendations.

Your Needs Front and Center

Are you looking for a specific analytical service, for example with regards to your ESG ratings? Or do you need support in another analytical ESG area? Then feel free to contact us and find out how we can best tailor our ESG analysis services to your needs.

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