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ESG Insights

ESG Insights

First Hand ESG Know-How

In this blog, we regularly provide exciting insights on current and timeless ESG topics. The spectrum ranges from in-depth ESG industry analyses to critical articles on the role of ESG ratings and overview articles on upcoming regulatory ESG initiatives.

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ESG: Focus on industries

Focus on ESG: Public Sector

A sustainable transformation is important for everyone: consumers, companies, but also public enterprises, government offices and (higher) education schools. Every institution, whether private or public, can contribute to sustainable development

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Focus on ESG: Food

The food industry is responsible for more than a quarter of global CO2 emissions – and thus plays a key role in the fight against climate change. The bad news:

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Focus on ESG: E-Commerce

E-commerce continues to boom and is increasingly displacing traditional sales outlets. But with new online sellers come new problems: CO2-intensive shipping, data security concerns, opaque supply chains – how are

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ESG: Knowledge and Analysis

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